Vintage Platinum Band with an Orange Blossom Pattern and Chinese-Origin Stamps

Period: c. 1950s Edwardian Revival; We’d usually assign an earlier date to a platinum orange blossom band of this type, as most pieces like this hail from the c. 1920s or early 1930s. However, in the history of our shop, the only other bands (a his-and-hers wedding set) we’ve seen with a similar Chinese stamp were also inscribed "1955". We’ve seen many antique and vintage bands and find that those with the Chinese stamps are particularly rare. So rare, in fact, that research into their exact origins has proven fruitless thus far. We're particularly curious about how bands were produced in mid-1950s China and then shipped (legally or otherwise) to the U.S. during the trade embargo, which lasted 1950 to 1972. We surmise that the band was acquired in South East Asia by a US soldier during the Korean War. The soldier then brought (read: snuck) it back home after the 1953 armistice. This was our estimate for the 1955 wedding set, and we feel the same way about this piece (though we reserve the right to totally change our minds regarding this loose theory).

Stamp: the band appears to have a Chinese-origin stamp. It bears the characters 金白(cursive version), which technically reads "white gold" but signifies platinum. 

Materials: platinum with a rolled orange blossom design

Dimensions: the band measures 3.00 mm wide and stands 1.35 mm tall above the finger

Size: 6 (contact us for sizing information)




ITEM Q3518