Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring with an Antique "Brownie" Center Diamond

Period: c. 1880s-1890s late Victorian

Materials: 14K rose gold; diamonds

Dimensions: the top measures approx. 13 mm in diameter; the piece stands 4.65 mm tall above the finger (6.25 mm tall including the center stone)

Size: 7 3/4 (free sizing)

    Center: a 1.23 carat antique cut diamond; approx. fancy light to fancy color (a sort of silver-orange-brown) with approx. SI2-I1 clarity — This is a center diamond unlike any other. It's so rare and unique that don’t even know what to call it (if pressed, we'd call it an "antique modified Old Mine Cut"). It has the general overall proportions of an Old Mine Cut, and the crown is similar enough to an Old Miner, but the pavilion is something else entirely. Whereas a standard Old Miner (and all Brilliants) have eight pavilion/lower-main facets, this stone has twelve! Usually that would lead to a very “splintery” pattern, but not in this case. The lower girdle facets are much shallower and wider than those typically spotted in Old Miners and essentially any other Brilliant-type cut, creating a bolder and more stable pattern overall. We’ll continue to research the stone and will update the listing if we learn anything, but we don’t expect to. Our guess is that the cutter—either out of creative spirit or for reasons dictated by the makeup of the original rough—decided to experiment with the cut design, resulting in this truly one-of-a-kind diamond. 

    Accents: .60 ctw., est.; twelve antique rose cut diamonds; approx. near-colorless and I1-I2 clarity overall



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