Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring Conversion in Gold

Period: Once a tired tatterdemalion trinket slated for scrap, this piece has been recovered and revivified, readied for life anew. In other words, this is a rescue story. The top of the ring was converted from a Victorian-era pin that was in dire straits and whose repair was beyond the abilities of most jewelers. But our guy came through. He pulled the stones, straightened things out the best he could, rebuilt the prongs, reset each diamond, attached a Victorian-style shank that he hand-forged, and gave the piece a new lease on life. It’s now a unique, kinda funky-wonky rose cut diamond cluster ring with a ton of finger coverage and even more pizzaz. We’re thrilled with the successful reclamation and find the resulting piece utterly charming. 

Materials: 14K gold; diamonds

Dimensions: the top measures approx. 12.50 mm in diameter; the ring stands 5.70 mm tall above the finger

Size: a tight 5 3/4 (free sizing)

Diamonds: eleven antique rose cut diamonds with approx. K-L-M color and I clarity overall (diamonds graded in their mounting by a GIA GD, graded as mounting permits)


Item TS386