Victorian Revival / Neoclassical Gold Engagement or Right-Hand Ring with a GIA Oval Rose Cut Diamond Center

Period: this piece is a direct mold / casting reproduction of a Victorian-era Neoclassical mount currently in our collection (not for sale, as it lacks a center stone). The diamond in this ring is an estate stone that is both aesthetically and historically appropriate for the mount. The setting of a large rose cut maximizes finger "real estate" coverage while allowing for a low-profile ring overall, making for a less pretentious and more pragmatic design. This piece therefore weds the old with the new, beautiful with the practical, and bold with the soft-spoken. Shoot us an email or call if you'd like to hear Matt nerd-out on the role of Neoclassical aesthetics in the history of jewelry design.

Materials: 18K "green" gold; diamond

Dimensions: the face measures 11.75 mm north to south, 10.00 mm east to west; the ring stands 3.55 mm tall above the finger

Size: 7 1/2 (free sizing)

Diamond: 1.07 carat Oval Rose Cut diamond (GIA-assessed as Oval Modified Brilliant; H color; VS2 clarity)