Victorian Revival Buttercup Ring with a GIA 1.46 Carat Old European Cut Diamond

Origin: Placing this ring is complicated. It’s definitely Russian, but we aren’t specialists in Russian jewelry. Evidence suggests the ring was created in 1963, but with a c. 1880s-1900 Victorian buttercup design and Art Nouveau details. We believe the ring comes from 1963 because there is an isolated “63” inside of the shank, which is too short to be a serial number. It's likely a date stamp. We know it’s not 1863, however, because the outside of the shank has a Soviet star with the hammer and sickle mark within, a stamp that only existed post 1958. This mark is preceded by a K, which we believe to be a district stamp. In short, it’s a vintage mid-late 1900s piece but with a mid-late 1800s design.

Materials: rose gold (stamped “583” which is a hair shy of 14K, which is 585); diamond

Dimensions: 8.7 m north-to-south; 5.8 mm tall above the finger

Size: 9 1/4 tight (free sizing)

Diamond: GIA certified 1.46 carat Old European Cut diamond with L color and SI2 clarity


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Item R2718