Soviet Russian (Victorian Style) Engagement Ring with a Buttercup Basket

Period: though designed and crafted in a late-Victorian style, this piece hails from c. 1958 - 1965 (most likely 1959) Soviet Russian, early into the peak of the Cold War era--this is a particularly rare piece, especially in the U.S. 

Marks: the piece has two stamps on the outside of the shank; the first is, we believe, ““лlo9”, which shows the maker’s mark in the first three characters and the “9” for 1959 (as to why it’s 1959 and not some other decade, you’ll have to see: Whetstone, et. al., World Hallmarks…, Vol. 1, pp. 237- 259); the second stamp shows, within a “shovel” shape, a sort of carrot (“^”—which may represent the Moscow Assay Office, though we have lingering questions/doubts); a star with hammer and sickle; and “583” denoting purity, which is roughly equivalent to 14K

Materials: approx. 14K rose gold; approx. 14K unplated white gold; diamonds 

Dimensions: the top measures approx. 8.00 mm wide north to south; the ring stands 4.90 mm tall above the finger

Size: 6 1/2 (free sizing—please note that sizing will need to be done off to the side in order to preserve the stamps)

     Center: 1.08 carat Transitional Cut diamond (GIA assessed as Circular Brilliant; K color; SI2 clarity)
     Accents: .03 ctw., est.; two antique Rose Cut diamonds 



Item Q3886