P&P Original: Fancy Yellow Oval Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Gold and Platinum

Details: This ring is for lovers of the sun! It is a newly-crafted piece designed specifically to bring out the yellow in the center stone. The overall aesthetic was influenced by c. early 1900s Edwardian / Belle Époque jewelry design. To up the already-vibrant pop of the estate GIA fancy yellow diamond center, we added a polished 24K (that’s pure gold) plate just behind the stone. There’s enough of a gap to allow water and air to pass through for cleaning and drying, but it’s close enough that the pure gold shows through, adding both shine and color depth to the rose cut. We opted for Art Deco-style platinum shoulders as an “emphasis-through-contrast” technique wherein the shoulders’ rigid geometry underscores the oval's gentle curves, and the cool-white platinum serves as an aesthetic foil to the warm-yellow center. 

The ring itself was hand carved in sections (the shank and base, the basket and prongs, and the shoulders were done separately) and then fabricated via vacuum casting. As the wax is now destroyed, and because the ring was designed specifically for this center stone, this is a one-of-a-kind. Besides, it’s really (really) difficult to find an estate fancy-yellow rose cut of decent size and clarity, so we don't anticipate recreating this piece. 

If you’re the one who ends up with this beautiful ring on your finger, please keep Walt Whitman in mind, as his quote was the inspiration behind this entire conception: "Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.”


Materials: 18K gold; platinum; 24K gold behind the center stone; natural diamonds

Dimensions: the width of the piece is determined by the length of the center diamond, which measures 9.41 mm long. The ring stands 5.80 mm tall above the finger

Size: 5 3/4 (free sizing)

    Center: 1.54 carat Oval Rose Cut diamond (GIA assessed as Oval Modified Brilliant; Fancy Yellow color; SI1 clarity); to get a better view of the stone's color and performance, please contact us for some brief videos--this ring needs to be seen in natural light!
    Accents: .08 ctw., est.; ten Single Cut diamonds; approx. colorless with approx. VS to SI clarity overall 




Item TS453