Hand-Engraved Art Deco (1939) Byard Brogan Platinum Wedding Band

Period: Art Deco, 1930s

Materials: 90% platinum, 10% iridium

Inscription: "W.F.G. to L.B.M. 9-23-'39"

Maker: stamped with the mark for Byard Brogan, working out of Philadelphia. 

"Mr. Brogan, who founded the firm of Byard F. Brogan in 1908, had entered the trade through his crafts, being a bench engraver at Simons Brothers during the heyday of mounted canes and engraved thimbles.

... The initial growth of [his] business was accelerated by Mr. Brogan's early recognition of the public appeal of the carved wedding ring and the business was breaded to include mounted diamond and colored stone rings and later cultured pearls, which gained national distribution. 

Widely respected, Mr. Brogan was a gentleman of the old school. As one trade associate put it, 'He set and maintained the same clear standards for himself as are precisely established for the materials of his craft.'" -from Byard Brogan's obituary, February, 1966

Dimensions: approx. 2.20 mm wide north-to-south; stands 1.15 mm tall above the finger

Size: 4 3/4 (contact us for sizing information)


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