French-Origin, Belle Époque Gold and Platinum Right-Hand Ring with a Colombian Emerald and Antique Diamonds

A true collector's piece. We're once again inclined to quote the great Dr. Jones: "It belongs in a museum!" 


Details: c. 1900 Belle Époque / Edwardian right-hand ring with French stamps

Stamps: the exterior of the shank is stamped with the French eagle’s head, denoting French origin and minimum 18K fineness in the gold; there's a second mark that we cannot identify

Materials: 18K gold; platinum; emeralds; diamonds

Dimensions: the ring measures 14 mm wide across the top north to south; the piece stands 3.90 mm tall above the finger—this is a very low-profile piece given its great “face up” presence

Size: currently a hair over 6 1/2 (free sizing—contact us for information)

     Center: GIA-assessed natural transparent green octagonal step cut Colombian emerald with minor treatment (note: treatment is not only common but expected in emeralds. That it is only “minor” treatment is a standout.); measures 6.85 x 6.10 x 3.23 mm (approx. weight is .90 carats; approx. diamond-equivalent weight is 1.17 carats)
     Accent emeralds; eight calibré cut emeralds, presumed natural Colombian but makeup and origin cannot be confirmed without laboratory examination
     Accent diamonds: .75-.99 ctw., est.; fifty-two antique-cut diamonds, primarily super-deep Single Cuts




Item TS439