2.22 Carat Fancy Light Yellow Old Mine Cut Diamond in Original 14K Yellow and White Gold Engagement Ring; Antique Parisian Hot Air Balloon Design

Date: the diamond dates to c. 1880s

Design: this is a Pebble and Polish original. The piece was designed specifically to hold and compliment this unique diamond, which--because of its color and great bulbous depth--resembles an antique hot air balloon from the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1889, the same decade in which the diamond was cut. We aimed to create a subtle reference to the balloon designs of yore--the diamond represents the balloon itself, the ring's white-gold setting resembles the basket, and the multiple claw-prongs read as though they were the ropes linking the two together. Further, the ring's diamond-studded "skirts" recall similar belts strewn across the old balloons, and the vibrant yellow-white-yellow color-play is a nod to the boldly colorful balloon designs often found in late-19th century popular imagery. 

Materials: 14K yellow gold; 14K white gold; diamonds

Size: size 5 (please contact us for sizing options)

Diamonds: 2.52 ctw
     Center: 2.22 carat Old Mine cut diamond; fancy light yellow (with warm browned-butter undertones); SI2 clarity
    Accents: .30 ctw; thirty Round Brilliant Cut diamonds




LS5, MT9