Engraved Palladium Wedding Band with Mixed Antique Cut Diamonds

Period: c. 1920s - 1950s—This is a tough piece to date. The design, metal, and diamond cuts suggest that it comes from as early as c. mid-late 1920s. However, the band bears an inscription that includes the dates, “Dec 27 1929-1952”. It’s possible that this piece was crafted in the 1950s and then gifted in commemoration of an anniversary. Yet it’s possible that this was a wedding band from the 1920s that was later engraved as a commemorative gesture. Finally, it’s also feasible that the ring was crafted in, say, the 1930s, sat around during the War era, and then sold in 1952. Such are history’s mysteries. 

Inscription: “[illeg.] Dec 29 1929-1952”

Materials: Palladium (stamped); diamonds

Dimensions: just shy of 3.00 mm wide at the top of the band and tapering down to ~1.20 mm wide at the base of the finger; the piece stands 1.75 mm tall at the top of the finger. 

Size: 5 1/2 (sizing is possible, but it will cut into the inscription. However, it is possible to cut into the illegible portion of the script, thereby preserving the dates. Contact us for more sizing information)

Diamonds: .20-.25 ctw (est.); seven mixed antique cut diamonds (Old European Cut, antique Single Cut, and antique Swiss Cut diamonds); approx. near-colorless and I1 clarity overall



Item TS348