Edwardian / Belle Époque Two-Tone Engagement Ring with a Delicate Fern Engraving Pattern

Period and details: c. 1900s Belle Époque/ Edwardian; the engraving is similar to a traditional wheat pattern, but it's more delicate and nuanced. To us, it recalls the intricate patterns found in leaves of forest-floor and other shade ferns. 

Materials: 18K gold with a 14K white gold bezel; diamonds

Dimensions: approx. 7.00 mm wide across the top north to south; Regarding height: the culet hangs below the base of the ring by a small fraction of a mm, thereby setting the overall height of the piece. That noted, the stone is 3.96 mm deep

Size: 6 3/4 (free sizing)

Diamond: .94 carat Transitional Cut diamond (GIA-assessed as Circular Brilliant; I color; VS2 clarity)


Item Q3942