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Antique Rose Cut Diamond in an Edwardian Engagement Ring with a Fluted Halo

Period: c. 1900s-early 1920s Edwardian/post-Edwardian with notable design carryover from the Victorian era

Materials: platinum; diamond

Dimensions: 11 mm north-to-south; the ring stands 5.90 mm tall above the finger

Size: between 5 3/4 and 6 (free sizing)

Diamond: Antique Rose Cut diamond with a flat bottom, tall dome, and charmingly imperfect hand-cut shape. The diamond has the equivalent visual spread of an approx. 3.00 carat Round Brilliant Cut (the actual carat weight is unknown). Its diameter measures 9.30mm, 9.21mm, and 8.82 mm, depending on where one takes the measurements. Has approx. J color (faces up white) and SI2 clarity with a clean center. 


Item TS207