Antique Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring with a Grecian Column-and-Capital Design

Period: c. 1900 - 1920s post-Victorian with an ancient Greek Ionic column-and-capital design for the shank and shoulders

Materials: approx. 14K rose gold; diamond

Stamp: the piece is stamped “C” within a lozenge. We believe, but cannot guarantee, that the mark is that of S. B. Champlin Company from Rhode Island. The company was established by Stanton B. and George B Champlin in 1872 as S. B. Champlin & Son. After the death of Stanton B. in 1895, the business was incorporated under the name S. B. Champlin Company. George B., the son, continued to operate the firm for many years. The last known business listing is from 1931.

Dimensions: the diamond measures 6.47 mm long north-to-south; the ring stands 3.85 mm tall above the finger

Size: a bit shy of 7 1/2 (free sizing)

Diamond: 1.02 carat natural diamond with M color and VS2 clarity; GIA-assessed as "Round-Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant". This is a very atypical cut, as suggested by GIA's hodgepodge classification. The diamond's crown reads as something akin to a hybrid stepped Old Mine cut (not actually a thing), or perhaps a pre-Double-Radiant crown atop an Old Miner pavilion (also not a thing). It's gorgeous, whatever one calls it, and we wish there were more of these out there. But we've never seen anything quite like it and therefore can't confidently opine on its history beyond stating that, with its elongated cushion shape, somewhat large culet, super shallow pavilion facets, and particularly wide NSEW bezel facets, the diamond presents a beautiful array--however mingled--of antique cutting principles.

Item Q3896