Late-Georgian / Early-Victorian Style Engagement Ring with an Antique 1.74 Carat Old Mine Cut Diamond

Period and details: this is a new ring that we designed in the late Georgian / early Victorian style. The piece was crafted by our smith, who employed multiple techniques in the ring’s fabrication. The shank was forged by rolling and hand-drawing a gold ingot; the basket was sculpted out of wax and cast via the lost-wax method; and the collet was crafted by cutting and working silver plate, with the hand-drawn wire prongs added one-by-one and precisely positioned to continue the upward movement of the basket’s vertical lines. 

Materials: 18K yellow gold; silver with patina (note that the patina will wax and wane over time); diamond

Dimensions: the top measures 9.30 mm north to south, 8.90 mm east to west. The piece stands 6.90 mm tall above the finger. It was designed to have enough loft to enable pairing with a modestly-sized band. 

Size: 5 1/4 (free sizing)

Diamond: the stone is an antique and dates to the c. 1800s; GIA-assessed 1.74 Old Mine Cut diamond with J color, I2 clarity; the stone measures 7.02 x 6.63 x 5.53 mm. Note that while the inclusions are faint when viewed at wearing distance, this stone is not “eye clean.” However, it was the stone’s clarity characteristics that inspired us to design this particular ring. Rather than shun the stone for its natural features, we embraced the metallic-gray tone of the inclusions by setting the diamond into a Georgian-style silver collet. Set in this fashion, the stone and collet serve as compliments by playing off each other’s subtle variations in visual texture and “imperfections.” The textural interplay imparts the ring with further Old World charm and emphasizes the natural history of the materials: earth-born matter created through the chance subjection of elements to precise combinations of pressure, heat, and time.


Item LS3