Victorian / Art Nouveau 1.17 Carat Old Mine Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Date: c. mid-late 1800s

Design information: We LOVE this ring! Hailing from the peak of Victorian design, the ring incorporates a slew of artistic inspirations: the playful swirls on the sides borrows from Baroque and Rococo design, the ornate almost drapery-like aesthetic suggests French Regal influences, and the enamel and wind-like swirls recall Art Nouveau tendencies. It's a veritable history book of design.

Current size: 6 1/4+ (please contact us for sizing options)

Materials: 15K gold; diamonds; enamel

Diamonds: 1.32 ctw (est)
     Center: 1.17 carat Old Mine Cushion Cut diamond; L color; SI2 clarity; tall and pillowy crown with a large culet and faceted girdle
     Accents: .15 ctw (est); twelve antique Rose Cut / Natural Cut diamonds

Item R931