Antique Late Victorian Old Mine Cut Halo Ring with a Cabochon Cut Turquoise Center

Period: c. 1900s late Victorian--Our initial glance led us to believe this was a c. 1950s-'60s Victorian Revival / Retro ring, mostly because of the beautiful color-pop that's so characteristic of that period's jewelry production. Yet the halo consists of particularly deep Old Mine Cut diamonds--which are too old to have been part of standard jewelry making in the Retro period--and the piece was clearly fabricated and engraved by hand. We therefore estimate this to be a late Victorian ring, one which anticipated curvy and colorful Mod aesthetics that defined jewelry design a full two generations after this ring was produced. 

Materials: 18K gold with platinum-tipped prongs; diamonds; turquoise 

Size: 7 3/4 (free sizing--please contact us for information)

     Center: a particularly fine earth mined turquoise cut en cabochon (measures approx. 9.18mm x 6.90mm)
     Accents: seventeen deep Old Mine Cut diamonds (.55 ctw, est)

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Item TS185

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