Antique Gold Half Hoop Ring from Chester, England with Oval Cut Garnets

Period: c. 1900-1910s post Victorian with full British stamps (the date stamp appears to note a 1909-1910 fabrication date, but it’s a bit tough to read); from Chester, England

Materials: 9K gold

Dimensions: 5.8mm north-to-south; stands 4mm tall above the finger

Size: 6 (contact us for sizing information)

Gemstones: (.65 ctw., est.)--five oval-cut gemstones. We believe that these are purple garnets (aka "grape garnets"), as there is a touch more red in the body color as compared to amethysts, but we can't guarantee it either way. A proper assessment would require the stones to be removed and analyzed under a microscope. We can say, however, that they are earth-mined stones. 



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Item TS154

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