Antique Rose Cut Diamond (3.00 Carat Spread) in an Edwardian Engagement Ring with a Fluted Halo

Period: c. late 1910s- early 1930s late Edwardian

Materials: platinum; diamond

Dimensions: The fluted halo has a diameter of 11mm; the piece stands 5.9mm above the finger

Size: 5 3/4

Diamond: a very rare, authentic Antique Rose Cut diamond with a perfectly flat bottom, tall dome, and beautifully imperfect hand-cut shape. The diamond has the equivalent of an approx. 3.00 carat spread with its diameter measurements registering 9.30mm, 9.21mm, and 8.82 mm, depending on where one measures. Has approx. J color (faces up white) and SI1 clarity. 

Asks us for a video! This ring in particular needs to be seen in motion. 

Item TS207

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